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"Wing Chun is the only truly practical street self-defence system that can be trained equally by everyone!!"

Wing Chun is logical, scientific, yet simple Chinese martial art system which was developed for practical and effective self-defence, alongside fitness for people of all ages. It is a result oriented martial art known for its efficiency and economy of movement which was developed for survival, self-defence and damage limitation, rather than purely for attack. Wing Chun's simple and direct short range simultaneous attack and defence hand techniques, its use of only low kicks and its simple but evasive footwork, combined with its logical and scientific methodology, are the reason it is fast becoming one of the most popular Chinese martial arts around the world. It emphasises and utilises natural and efficient body mechanics, eliminating the necessity to use and rely on size and strength and is therefore suitable for anybody, regardless of age, gender or physique.

Historically it is said to have been developed in Southern China by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui, refined and later made famous in Hong Kong by a fifty year old slightly built gentleman, Yip Man, and then finally brought to the world's attention by a young Chinese Film star, Bruce Lee. Often referred to as 'Hong Kong street fighting', Wing Chun is often classed as a 'soft style' because of the minimal effort or physical force required to overcome larger, stronger opponents.

"Training for street self-defence is something you may one day need, especially in our ever increasingly violent society, however it should not be the only reason and benefit of your training. Wing Chun practice should also develop and maintain good health and a better quality of life which is something you can benefit from everyday. As your ability and skills increase you will gain in confidence, learning martial arts develops confidence not arrogance, a balanced martial artist has no need to 'prove' themselves, only the weak and insecure feel the need to do so."
Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe
"The best fighters never fight"
Master Hung Yi Hsiang

Member of Midlands Wing Chun Kuen (UK)