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About Simply Wing Chun Kuen

Bringing Hong Kong Wing Chun to you .....
Simply Wing Chun Kuen is the brainchild of Wing Chun Master, Shaun Rawcliffe. His aim is to share his Wing Chun training videos, tips and tricks that he has learned and developed over more than 37 years of studying and training Wing Chun including 27 years of travelling to and studying in Hong Kong with Ip Man's eldest son, Ip Chun as well as visiting, chatting to and practicing with many of Ip Man's students.
He put together this web site and the associated YouTube chanel because so many Wing Chun practitioners are turning to the Internet to suppliment their training and seeking simple answers regarding elements of their Wing Chun, but are faced with confusion, contradiction, misdirection and over complexity.
This website and associated youtube chanel is not intended to show how Wing Chun must be done, there are many ways to interpret Wing Chun, rather it is intended to share the knowledge, wisdom and information that Shaun was lucky enough to learn over more than 45 intensive training trips to Hong Kong.

Simply Wing Chun Kuen - playlist videos

Tan Sao explanation Dan Chi Sao explanation Bong Sao explanation Pak Sao explanation

Simply Wing Chun Kuen - Hong Kong training playlist videos

Ching Wu, Foshan, China Private training @ Sifu's flat Hong Kong Waterfront Chi Sao pt1 Hong Kong Waterfront Chi Sao pt2
Sifu Pang Nam, Foshan 1990 Chi Sao at Sifu Ip Chun's home with Si-Hing Leung Ting Kwok Chi Sao with Sifu Ip Chun, ShaTin 1990 Chi Sao at Sifu Ip Chun's home, Hong Kong 1990

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