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This is NOT an open Wing Chun school, but a small private class run for the dedicated and discerning Wing Chun enthusiast wanting to learn traditional Hong Kong Wing Chun the traditional way!

All potential students are welcomed into the introductory group for a compulsory 16 lesson probationary course, during which time they are taught the basics and assessed on the standard of any previous Wing Chun studies. There is no uniform or formal training clothing required; training or jogging trousers, a plain t-shirt/sweatshirt and training shoes (and a desire to learn) are all that is needed.

Over the probationary course, whilst being taught the basics of Wing Chun they will having the opportunity to watch and participate in 16 typical lessons as well as ask questions about all and any aspects of the Wing Chun system, the Sifu (teacher), the classes etc. At the end of the probationary course the potential student can decide whether they wish to apply to join the M.W.C.K..

However during that same 16 lesson introductory period the newcomer is the subject of a psychological and physical assessment by the Sifu (teacher) who will listen to the questions asked, review their attendances and punctuality, note the beginner's respect (or lack of it) and assess their attitude and suitability. At the end of the introductory course and following an assessment based upon the 16 weeks training, the Sifu will decide whether to invite and accept the applicant as a member, student and ambassador to the school.

"We teach by selection and invitation only, we offer authentic Wing Chun taught in the traditional manner. We set and expect the highest standards, teaching only respectful, disciplined and dedicated martial artists, who train hard with the correct mental attitude"
Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe - Chief Instructor MWCK

Sifu Joel Bell


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