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Master Ip Chun regularly gave seminars around the world, which were hosted by three different groups of Wing Chun instructors;
First: The official certified representatives who teach and represent the Master's Wing Chun. These seminars help reinforce their teachings and guide their teaching methodology, whilst sharing Master Ip Chun's knowledge and experience with them and their students, more like a family reunion.
Second: This group consisted of Wing Chun instructors who were already teaching Wing Chun when they visited Master Ip Chun in Hong Kong to continue and enhance their training. These instructors can be considered students of Master Ip Chun, but not certified Instructors nor representatives for Master Ip Chun. Their Wing Chun cannot be said to represent Master Ip Chun and therefore the aim of the seminars for these groups is to guide the instructors and their students in the right direction, enhancing their knowledge and strengthening their foundations.
Third: Groups of Wing Chun instructors who do not train with Master Ip Chun, but have invited him to give a seminar at their schools. His aim here is to share his knowledge and experience with them and to help the instructor to improve their Wing Chun teachings.
Master Ip Chun retired from teaching seminars around the world in 2001, though he still teaches every day in Hong Kong. In august 2004 he gave a special seminar at the Hong Kong City University to mark his 80th birthday. The seminar was attended by over 100 students including Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe and 26 of his students from the UK.