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August to September 2010 will see a mass influx of Wing Chun students to Hong Kong to visit Ip Chun Sifu and to celebrate his 86th birthday.
In August 2010 Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe will bring 35 students to visit Ip Chun Sifu in Hong Kong. A special dinner party will be organised at the Disciplined Services Sports and Recreation club in Causway Bay attended by Sifu, SiMo and the senior Wing Chun members.
Ip Man - The Legend is Born was released on 24th June 2010 is a Hong Kong biographical-martial arts film based on the early life of Grandmaster Ip Man. The film was directed by Herman Yau and starred Dennis To as the lead character. One of the highlights of the film is a special appearance by Ip Chun Sifu, who plays Leung Bik in the film.