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The Ip Chun Wing Chun Kuen Martial Arts Association certificates are personally signed and sealed by Master Ip Chun and serve to prevent any false, fraudulent or misleading claims by Wing Chun students, instructors and practitioners, who may have trained with Master Ip Chun; either at a class or attended his seminars and/or wish to exaggerate their status. The issuing of these certificates is at the Master Ip Chun's discretion, they cannot be requested, they have to be earnt. The issuing of these certificates is Ip Chun Sifu's modern equivalent of the the traditional Bai Si ceremony.
In Chinese martial art tradition, learning from a master does not make one his student automatically. The acceptance as a student traditionally requires a formal ceremony called Bai Si . One can always address some master as Sifu as a courtesy in greetings. But one cannot say certain master is one's Sifu without the admission ceremony. Traditionally only after a student is admitted formally, would the Sifu pass all his knowledge. Only then, the student can be the carrier of the tradition to the next generation. In most martial art schools, the master may teach many informal students. However, only the worthy few are admitted formally to carry the Sifu's name forward. If a student misbehaves, the Sifu can denounce the student and eliminate the student's name from the school.
The high standard and specific criteria set by Master Ip Chun, ensures that the only the highest standard Wing Chun Instructors are allowed to represent him. They must have studied regularly over a long period of time and covered the whole Wing Chun system in great depth and detail under his personal tuition. All the certified Instructors have studied privately with Master Ip Chun at his home, as well as assisted him teach in his classes./ They must have proven their dedication, depth of knowledge and Wing Chun skills, not only in their personal practice, but in their ability to teach Wing Chun honestly and openly, without ambiguity or mistranslation. Each Instructor has proven their ability to teach and assist students at all levels and develop the students skills and understandings through to Instructor level.
These certificates serve as Bai Si to Master Ip Chun. Each certificate is personally signed and sealed by Master Ip Chun, should any certified Instructor not continue their studies under Master Ip Chun, dilute their Wing Chun or bring any disrespect to the Master or his association, then the certificate will revoked and not be renewed and that instructor shall no longer be able to represent Master Ip Chun.
Despite any claims made to contrary, if an Instructor is not named on this web site, then they do not hold a genuine certificate and are not certified by Master Ip Chun.